About Matt's Website
What's here? When I started the website in June 2007 I thought it lucky that the domain was unoccupied. In fact I would have used an Australian domain ('.com.au') but as only commercial entities can register one I had to wait until May 2009, when I got an ABN, to do so. Then I registered it in addition to the US ('.com') domain I used from the beginning.

None of the time spent adding files to the site is wasted, I think. The first big effort in 2007 enabled me to cover a lot of timeline material. Then in 2009, I started to upload examples of work from various jobs I have held over the years. In 2010 I started adding feature stories published.

The website also lets me log in to my account.

How did you do it? The bulk of the original pages on this site were built by me based on a pretty simple design. Only flat HTML was used at the outset, using tables for layout. All work was done on a Win PC with a bunch of other equipment assisting in scanning, adjusting and trimming, copying and pasting, and the seemingly endless process of tweaking and adding that make the webmaster's craft so time-consuming.

Who designed it? Many graphical elements are original designs of mine. For example, I made the retro chain that vertically spans the timeline pages, for a friend to use in a film about Frank Lloyd Wright. She didn't, so I did.

In October 2010 I commissioned a web design company, B-Side Design in the inner-western Sydney suburb of Annandale, to design and produce a new home page. I then commissioned the same company to produce a format to use for the portfolio pages. A new-designed home page and new portfolio pages were delivered in August 2011. In January 2012 I asked B-Side to have a think about two new pages I wanted to implement, 'About me' and 'What I do'. These pages were delivered in March 2012, at the same time as my face was added to the home page.

OMG, you weren't old enough to know that in those days, were you? Some of the navigation graphics used on this website are from work by Neville Brody. Part of the original feature element for the home page is also Brody's.

Brody started a three-year BA course at the London College of Printing in 1976, but was quick to express reservations about working in academia.

"The whole art college system collapses when all members of staff are full-time, and when they fail to recognise that it is not they who have to go out and find a job afterwards," Brody said (Wozencroft, p. 10).

"I complied with the curriculum requirements because I needed the chance to explore those ideas too," said Brody (ibid). "If tutors said they liked something that I was doing, I would go away and change it, because such approval then made me think there must be something wrong with the work" (ibid). Brody quickly found a job, serving as art director at The Face from 1981 to 1986.

The Wikipedia says that by the magazine's "May 2004 closure, the format had become stale". Publisher EMAP now sees healthy revenues from its weekly women's title Grazia.

Reference: The Graphic Language of Neville Brody, text and captions by Jon Wozencroft, Thames and Hudson, London, 1988.