Corporate communication portfolio


Extensive experience gained over two decades producing deliverables for corporate internal employee and external marketing and corporate communications, in prestigious organisations in Japan and in Australia. Also freelance deliverables production for trade shows, exhibitions, conferences and symposia.

Feature stories

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Hall-effect Sensors: A Fruitful Advance

This application report examines the use of hall-effect sensors in fruit handling, for Yamatake's Savemation internal communications magazine produced for circulation to global Honeywell affiliates.

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Bringing us on board: The challenge of leadership

Achieving behaviour change for sustainability is not just about making messages and rules, although it will of course include such measures. For lasting results, leaders must find more and more innovative ways to enlist support of a broader cohort of stakeholders and reward behaviour that validates change.

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News releases

Examples of news releases I have written:


Examples of brochures written, designed and produced for Yamatake:

  • Yamatake-Honeywell's Commitment to the Environment
  • The JUMPS Project
  • Guide for New Employees (Yamatake Thailand)
  • Corporate Guide (Yamatake Philippines)


Designed, edited and wrote for the Weekly Digest, published by the University of Sydney's Information and Communications Technology unit's Applications Services group.

Produced newsletters ISDialog and CPD Flash published by Yamatake's International Department.


Produced Savemation, published by Yamatake's International Department, for distribution to Honeywell affiliates worldwide.

Annual reports

Wrote copy for Yamatake's Annual Report. In 1997, I managed production of the document from start to finish.

Corporate videos

Working with the International Communications Team, helped produce numerous videos showcasing Yamatake's manufacturing, sales, and service capabilities.

Materials provided for these projects included copy and original photographs. Also synchronised video and still images with the narration using time keys, and supervised final narration.


Took photographs of industrial installations, people, trade shows and buildings for use in marketing and corporate communications vehicles such as brochures, corporate magazines, newsletters, commercial magazines, and videos.

Market research

With Yamatake's International Business Division, researched control valve manufacturers in Europe and North America and built clickable maps with links to information on over 1900 HTML pages about more than 550 competitor manufacturing plants.