Technical communication portfolio


Over 20 years' experience in the production of user manuals for software and other technologies, from writing and illustration to design, layout and website development.

FlexSIS student administration system website

The University of Sydney's student administration system, FlexSIS, was a server-based application serving about 1400 staff members across a number of campuses in New South Wales, Australia.

Over 1300 online help files were written, edited and loaded to the website for users to access from their desktops. The website uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to deliver help in a timely and reliable manner.

I built the website from scratch using Dreamweaver and Photoshop, following University style for web pages. I also wrote hundreds of help scripts documenting parts of the system from a user's point of view.

User manuals for web-based software

The University of Sydney started using Interwoven's content management system (CMS) in 2004. There are over 1200 users located across New South Wales, Australia. The CMS is accessed using a standard web browser.

Working in a small team I rewrote three manuals, reducing the page count in each case by approximately 30 percent and adding new content.

One manual is for CMS authors and approvers (pictured; 96 pages), one is for webmasters (80 pages), and one is for an in-house developed implementation of the software: the Formbuilder manual (33 pages).

I also wrote a glossary of terms for the manual set.

Reporting portal user guide

In order to reduce processing load on its FlexSIS student administration system, the University of Sydney purchased software to run its report generation. The FlexSIS Reporting Portal serves hundreds of staff across multiple campuses.

I wrote and produced a 21-page PDF user guide for the FRP.

Workflows and action scripts

The University of Sydney's Centre for Continuing Education asked me to develop 12 workflows and accompanying action scripts for an end-to-end student management system.