Design Archive
June 2007 to Sept 2009 A combination of a Western design with some geeky blended colours, used as the background for my name.

June 2007 to Sept 2009 Part of Lloyd Rees's 1978 etching Iron Cove, Sydney Harbour on the home page (from Lloyd Rees, Etching and Lithographs, catalogue raisonne, Beagle Press, 1986).

June 2007 to Sept 2009 A bright, retro signature used from the start but abandoned in preference to plain text.

Sept 2009 to Oct 2010 The new signature background element is a desaturated clip from a reproduction of a 15th century Qur'an from Herat, Afghanistan, and the clip is taken from The Arts of Islam: Treasures from the Nasser D Khalili Collection, Art Gallery of NSW, 2007.

June 2007 to Oct 2010 The koala in the signature element - which is also an original design - is Bunyip Bluegum drawn by its creator, Norman Lindsay. The black, pointed part of the signature element is by Neville Brody.

June 2007 to Oct 2010 Navigation graphics are also Brody's. The signature 'm' originally used for the 'home' link on all pages, is part of a typeface Brody designed in 1984 for The Face magazine.

The font is named 'Typeface Three'. Wozencroft says Brody "felt that there was no typeface at the time that suited the specific mood he sought for The Face. The gemoetric quality of the type was authoritarian, drawing a parallel between the social climate of the 1930s and the 1980s" (The Graphic Language of Neville Brody, text and captions by Jon Wozencroft, Thames and Hudson, London, 1988, p. 26).