'GROWING' Copyright Peter William da SILVA, 2002; Matthew Dean da SILVA, 2010
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The text - 'Growing: A Memoir' Chapter 1 - Parents' situation prior to his Birth
Chapter 2 - Earliest recollections
Chapter 3 - Kindergarten, the Murphys, Pigeon pie, Hand-me-downs, Scrounging and 'Wandering off'
Chapter 4 - Automobiles and Spying on the Auto-body shop
Chapter 5 - Illness, Movies, Wanderings around Brighton
Chapter 6 - Especially about Father; Provenance, Moods, How he Earned a living
Chapter 7 - First Job with the pharmacist Mr Mewkill
Chapter 8 - Father's Fishing trips, how he made Rods and Bait
Chapter 9 - Features Mother's Much-admired extended Family
Chapter 10 - Dr Giblin, Nurse Bryant, Nurse Holland, and Dentists
Chapter 11 - Friends Peter Hein and Jacky Fawsett
Chapter 12 - End of the Depression, Father's Naturalisation, Father's Customers, a New House, Father's New Job
Chapter 13 - Domestic Industry at the New House, the War Starts to Bite, the Dogs, Newsreels, the Yanks
Chapter 14 - Purchasing a Bike, Sally starts Life Saving, Carlton FC, father's SP Bookmaking work, the War
Chapter 15 - Sally at 16, School, the War Bites Deeper, Fighting Cousins visit, Middle Brighton Pier
Chapter 16 - Relatives Stay during the War, William Henry Caldicott, Sally dates Servicemen
Chapter 17 - Start of Work as a Carpenter's Apprentice
Chapter 18 - Work at a Munitions Factory in Maribyrnong
Chapter 19 - Real Estate around Brighton remembered, Getting odd Carpentry Jobs, a Visit to Sydney
Chapter 20 - Breaks his Neck and Begins Recovery in Hospital
Chapter 21 - Recuperation in Sydney, Return to Melbourne, the Cast comes Off
Chapter 22 - Clerical work, Electronic Industries Limited, the Lending Library, Enrolment at Tech
Chapter 23 - Sally's 21st, Leighton Irwin & Co, Study at Tech, Plans to Sail
Chapter 24 - Classical Music, Building a VJ, Sailing, Holidays in SA, buying a Star Class yacht
Chapter 25 - Skiing, a Promotion at Work, Sailing
Chapter 26 - Skiing, a New Boss at Leightons
Chapter 27 - Father's Snack Bar, Bertha the Straight-8, Sailing, Serious Study plans, a Flood
Chapter 28 - Meets Judy, Explosive Experiments in the Lab, Graduation from Tech, Trip to Mypolonga
Chapter 29 - Bala stories, Engagement, Enrolment at Univ of Melb, Friends, Uni Society
Chapter 30 - Harry dies, Marriage to Judy at church, Honeymoon, Deposit paid on a House
Chapter 31 - Surrey Hills lodgings, Mortgage organised, Holiday in an Abandoned mining town
Chapter 32 - Move into the First Home, Curtains, a Garden, Transport woes, Olympics approach
Chapter 33 - Final-year Exams, Olympics, Visitors from SA, Judy quits her Job, Buying a New car
Chapter 34 - Finding a Spray-painter, Paul is Killed riding his Bike, Sputnik flies overhead
Chapter 35 - Second House bought, Shop Set up, New Job prospect
Chapter 36 - Marfleet & Weight, ethical problems at new job, Pulled Over & license suspended
Chapter 37 - Miss Phyllis Caldicott Home Accessories in New Premeses, mixing with captains of industry
Chapter 38 - Car accident but it's The Other Person's Fault, Invitation to reside in Kew
Chapter 39 - Birth of First Son, Too Much Drink after yacht regatta, Finding a New House in New Street
Chapter 40 - Job in business development, Valve Job Goes Awry, James is Christened
Chapter 41 - Christmas dinner 1960, James Turns Blue, Renovations
Chapter 42 - Transfer to Gibson Battle, Trip to Snowy Mountains for Work, decides to move to Sydney
Chapter 43 - Jubilee sailing in Sydney, decision to ask Phyllis to move north, trips to Melbourne, house hunting
Chapter 44 - Mrs Bennett and 110a Hopetoun Ave, Judy has cyst removed, TV appearance at Squadron
Chapter 45 - Shift to Bailey Meters, travel on busienss to Sugar Plants in Qld, Dad Hits a Horse
Chapter 46 - Sells Jubilee buys Dragon, Contracts Hepatitis, joins Honeywell, buys new shop in Vaucluse
Chapter 47 - Mining with "The Armpits", visit to South Africa, down a mine and On the Veldt
Chapter 48 - One day in Mozambique, profits from mine
Chapter 49 - Reminiscences about mining, Finds a new place to buy

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